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How to install a Garage Door: Step-by-step

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How to install a Garage Door Step-by-step

Some words of caution before we delve into how to install a garage door –  Installing a new garage door in your home is a challenging process for a homeowner. The process is not too simple for a novice to do. That’s why it is suggested to leave the responsibility to professionals. It needs automated technological tools, years of experience, and professional knowledge to install a door properly while maintaining safety. The global garage door opener market is expecting growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 4% up to 2026. It indicates the high demand for professionally installed garage doors.

Installing a manual door is much easier than an automatic one. The reason is that a manual garage door is easy to handle because of its lighter weight. It does not need any motor or cables. If you’re looking for an automatic garage door installation, then hire a professional who understands the process of door installment by using the latest technology.


Hiring a professional for your garage door installation

This study of safety research found that up to 30% of DIY home improvement accidents were associated with the installation process. It mainly emphasizes the importance of safety measurements during the installation process. People who do not have any prior experience with the installation can not install a garage door opener. It is considered a complex process for a beginner. So, we highly recommend hiring a professional to ensure door installment in the correct way. Benefits of hiring a professional include:


  • Safe and secure installation
  • Immediate repair and convenience
  • Guarantee installation of door
  • Access to specialized tools and equipment
  • warranty coverage on several products
  • customized solutions and recommendations for the homeowner


Our experienced technicians not only secure the process of door installation but also provide the answer to all your queries about the process. You can also get help and support on ongoing maintenance when needed.

Why garage door replacement is important?

Before understanding the installation process, it is very important to identify the reason for your garage door replacement. It can be a worthwhile investment because of several benefits. A survey conducted by Home Innovation Research Labs shows that about 70% of homeowners prefer to have DIY home improvement projects that mainly include garage door opener installation. Installing a new garage door is an amazing experience because it has the ability to change the appearance of your home. You can make the entrance of your home appealing to visitors by making it safe and secure.

Installation steps

Here is the step-by-step guide to help you understand the process of garage door installation.

1.   Pre-installation preparation

Before the installment of a new door, it is important to have the right tools for the process. Always have a professional helper who can assist you throughout the process. Normally, the process can be completed within 3 and 5 hours. The important tools required for the process are:

  • Glasses, gloves, and footwear
  • Socket set and hammer
  • Safety glasses and boots
  • Cordless drill and drill bits hammer
  • Garage door opener kit
  • Set of adjustable locking pliers
  • Opener motor, mounting plate
  • Remote control safety sensors
  • Mounting hardware

After confirming that you have all the components and tools, it is recommended to have instructions from professionals to ensure a successful installation process.

2.   Release the tension

Ensure your safety at the start of the process. This is the first step that is associated with the release of the torsion spring’s tension. Get all important tools and ensure you have a helper available to assist you during the process. Safety must be your first concern during any type of installation procedure.

3.   Remove old panels

Detached the old door panels, which is a simple process. Firstly, remove the old hinges and bolts that are already attached. Disconnect the automatic door opener from the electric outlet.

4.   Attach new panels

In the case of a double door, this step is about using the reinforcing bar. After that, join hinges with every panel and axel supports on both the bottom and top panels. After completing the process, join the first panel and door opening together. Always prefer to use a nail as it creates the ease to hold it in place and focus on the leveling for each panel before moving to the next. It is very important for perfection in the process. Repeat the step until the sections of the new panel are fully installed.

5.  Connect hinges and tracking system.

When you are done with the previous process of attachment of the panels, there is time to install the track system. Ensure wheels are aligned perfectly to move freely on the track.


6.  Connect the spring support system.

This is a very important step for ensuring the safety of the installment process. In this step, you have to join the spring support system to the tracks. There is a need for professional advice about the installation of the garage door. Attached is the curved portion of the track to the vertical piece. Always keep in mind that springs are correctly tensioned to prevent accidents.


7.  Install tracks and springs.

The next process is attaching the door to both horizontal and vertical tracks. Proceed further by joining springs with the door. After that, attach the spring locking cone. It is very important to support spring from losing under the situation of tension.

8.  Connection of pulleys and rods

Install pulleys and torsion rods. It is important to ensure the secure attachment of the door and its proper alignment. Always prefer to double-check all the connections to avoid excess slack on misalignment.

9.  Connection of cable system:

This step involves the connection and tightening of the cable system. It must be properly aligned with the pulleys and springs. Test the operation of the door manually. It will help you to have a clear indication of smooth and reliable movement.

10. Final inspection:

When you are done with the installation process, perform a testing step for the complete checkup of system functionality. Check and tighten any loose bolts and other issues. When the spring reaches the desired tension, tighten all bolts in the correct position. Remove the locking pliers, and check everything again to secure the process.

When you complete the maintenance installation process, it is best to have professional advice about knowing the success of the process. Expert professionals provide the best garage door repair service help you in post-installation maintenance and guide you about the security of door installments.

Final Point

The garage door installation is a complex process. Therefore, always hire a professional to handle the process. If you are looking to understand the complete process of installing a new garage door, then follow the above information. Hiring a professional for garage door replacement service not only secures the process but also ensures durability. At Easy Garage Door, we are dedicated to providing you with personalized garage door services according to your preferences.  We have years of experience in guaranteeing excellent garage door installation and maintenance.