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Attractions at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston

The Johnson Space Center in Houston is home to NASA Mission Control. It is also the primary training center for the astronaut corps. Visitors can learn about the history and science behind space exploration, and see how NASA astronauts train to fly in space. There are many attractions at the Space Center that will appeal to visitors of all ages. Learn more in Houston Texas.


The Space Center is home to the Manned Space Flight Education Foundation (MSFE), which provides extensive science education programs. These include an Astronaut Experience, which includes a visit to the Manned Spacecraft Center and a meal with an astronaut. Also, there is the Space Center Houston Tram Tour, which allows you to tour Johnson Space Center facilities.


Aside from a tour of the facilities, the Space Center offers a variety of events, including special exhibitions, interactive exhibits, and presentations. These experiences inspire and educate young people about STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. During these programs, you can watch NASA astronauts train for missions, and even touch a real moon rock.


The Space Center is the official visitor center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. You can find out more about the Center and its attractions by visiting the Space Center website. This site also includes the Space Center’s hours of operation. Although the Center is open year-round, it is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.


One of the most popular attractions is the Space Center Houston Tram Tour. This narrated tram tour focuses on the most interesting aspects of the space center. While on the tour, you will visit the Mission Control Center and the Astronaut Training Facility. Other notable attractions include the Artifact Museum, which features exhibits on space flight, and the International Space Station Gallery, which displays films and photographs from the ISS.


The Space Center is a popular tourist attraction and attracts over 1.25 million visitors each year. Students and families visit on weekends, during school holidays, and on summer breaks. In addition to a tour, the space center provides several other experiences, such as lunch with an astronaut, which allows you to dine with a real NASA astronaut.


If you are planning a trip to the Space Center, you should consider buying tickets in advance. Tickets can be purchased online or in person at the Space Center’s gift shop. They also provide free timed tram tours.


For a unique experience, consider taking the NASA VIP Tour. This tour gives you exclusive access to the real world of NASA. You will also be given a chance to take part in a mission briefing. After you have completed your tour, you can go shopping in the gift shop.


As a visitor to the Space Center, you can participate in the daily briefing, which is held three times a day. The times vary, and are displayed on the daily schedule in the guide. You can also participate in an Astronaut Experience, which is a more hands-on experience. During this program, you will eat a meal with an astronaut and hear stories about their experiences. Learn more about Minute Maid Park Houston.