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Garage Door Spring Replacment

Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair in Houston

Garage Door Spring Replacement in Houston

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement and Repair

The garage door spring replacement on a garage door is a notoriously delicate piece of hardware. Garage door spring failure might leave you trapped inside or outside the garage. In this case, call Easy Garage Door Repair to replace the garage door springs. We can fix the springs on any make or model of garage door and have it functioning again in no time,
so you can get back into your garage and continue with your day.

Top-Rated Professionals in Garage Door Spring Replacement

We’ve got the know-how to repair any garage door, thanks to our many years of experience in the field. Different door types use various spring configurations, necessitating specialized methods for their replacement. We’ll evaluate your situation and recommend the best action to get your garage door working again. For your protection, we carry insurance that covers all of our work

garage door spring replacement easy garage door repair
garage door spring replacement easy garage door repair
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Garage Door Cable Types

Types of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are important parts of the garage door that lift and lower the door. There are two primary types: torsion springs and extension springs.

Torsion Springs: These springs are situated on the top part of the garage door and twist and coil on a shaft. These are very strong and are commonly used in higher gauge garage doors. Torsion springs give a more uniform and less stressful operation, thus lessening the stress on other parts of the door system.

Extension Springs: These springs are normally placed on the left and right side of the garage door and they extend in order to offer the lifting power. Extension springs are commonly employed in lighter gauge doors of the garages. They are cheaper than the torsion springs but they are likely to wear out easily as compared to the torsion springs since they stretch.

Where is the Garage Door Spring Located

Depending on the garage door style and brand, the garage door spring will either be on top of the door or on the side close to the tracks. 

Location of Garage Door Spring

What Causes Garage Door Springs to Break

Wear and Tear: The major cause of failure of spring is that it is a result of fatigue. Garage door springs have a certain lifespan and it is expressed in the number of cycles, i.e. one cycle is one opening and closing of the garage door. Due to their constant usage, the metal becomes weak and at some point, it fails.
Rust and Corrosion: Garage door springs are also at risk of getting rust, which in turn reduces their strength. When springs rust, they become weak and can easily get damaged when more pressure is applied to them. It is also advisable to service the product often, for instance, by oiling the springs to reduce rust formation.

Improper Maintenance: This means that in the absence of routine services, the springs of the garage door will wear out fast

If the garage door is not properly balanced, it places more workload on the springs, and therefore, they are more prone to get worn out.

Sometimes, garage doors are heavier than the capabilities of the cables used to support them, which may lead to the destruction of the cables. This can happen when more insulation is fitted to the door, and this is done with little regard to the capacity of the cable.

Loose belts or strings may cause parts to wear out unevenly and thus have a higher chance of snapping. Daily inspection to confirm proper positioning and lubrication can help avoid this problem.

How to Care for Your Garage Door Springs

It is recommended that the garage door springs be serviced on a routine basis in order to increase their life expectancy as well as that of the garage door

Here are some key maintenance tips:

  • Lubrication: You should therefore service the springs by applying lubrication on them using a suitable garage door lubricant. This minimizes wear and tear and also reduce on cases of rusting and corrosion.
  • Inspection: It is advisable to check the springs from time to time and see whether they are damaged, rusty or worn out. The problems can be detected at an early stage in order not to turn into bigger problems in the future.
  • Balancing the Door: The following are some tips; Ensure your garage door is balanced correctly. A crooked door subjects the springs to undue stress and as such, they get damaged easily.
    Expert personnel can do the balance tests and fix any imperfections.
  • Replacing Old Springs: Garage door springs are not immune to wearing out no matter the extent of maintenance performed on them. It is better to change worn out springs before they snap and cause accidents that may be dangerous.

Maintenance is a relatively inexpensive service that can prevent you from having to spend a lot of money for repairs and which will help your garage door function properly.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Houston

Broken Garage Spring Repair

When you call Easy Garage Door Repair for your garage door spring replacement we’ll walk you through every step and what you should expect. the following is some of the process. 

A professional technician is likely to evaluate whether the new system needs to utilize the type and condition of your current springs. They will then assemble other equipment, necessary tools, and spare parts used in preparing the machines.
There is a garage door which is closed and locked for safety as people may end up running into it. The technician will then pay great attention when reversing the tension off the older spring using appropriate tools as well as methodologies. This step is very important to avoid being locked-up from the tension in the springs which may cause an injury.
The dimensions as well as the wire size of the old spring are measured in order to replace it with spring of similar dimensions as the newly bought spring. This also ensures that the new spring will offer the right tension when the machine is running in order to check the hardness of the new spring.
The new spring is put into operation by aligning it properly and then tightening it to the right level. This step involves adjusting the garage door to ensure that it is balanced and working correctly, and it needs to be done carefully.
After this, the technician is supposed to ensure the garage door opens properly by installing a new spring. They will have to pull or adjust the top springs to their appropriate tension to meet the required force to return the car to its top position. The other parts they will have to modify to enhance their efficiency will also have to be modified.

The overall garage door is checked in order to confirm if all parts are in proper working condition as well as confirming that the spring that has been installed is right.

This professional process guarantees you a well-functioning, safe and sturdy garage door and reduces the chances of experiencing any problems in the near future. It is always advisable to work with qualified technicians since garage door springs pose high risks and demands expertise to be replaced.

Emergency Garage Door Spring Replacement

The following video walks you through when your garage door spring or cable may need a replacement 

Why Choose Us For Your Garage Spring Replacement

We offer same-day, quick, and efficient services

It’s an emergency if the springs are broken, and the garage door won’t open. Our same-day services are designed to provide a quick and effective solution, which is why we will replace your springs without sacrificing quality. Our proximity to the areas we serve allows us to respond quickly while maintaining the highest quality standards.

We are equipped to handle any situation

Operating a device with a broken or damaged spring is risky, and improperly replacing such parts is also tricky. Easy Garage Door Repair has the expertise to safely and effectively replace the springs on any garage door.

Why Easy Garage Door Repair is the best company for Garage Door Spring Replacement?

Years of wear and tear can eventually break a spring. When this occurs, it is sometimes due to a faulty part. When you choose Easy Garage Door Repair, however, you can rest assured that there will be no duds in your broadcast. Our trained technicians will only use high-quality parts when replacing your overhead door. We are very proud that the springs we install last twice as long as the norm in the industry. Call us for Garage Door repair or replacement, Single steel doors, door opener service or any other garage door needs.

FAQ About Garage Door Spring Replacement

You can definitely replace garage door springs on your own, but it can be a bit tricky and dangerous, and the skill required depends a lot on the type of springs that you have.
What’s the average lifespan of a garage door spring? Most garage door springs are designed to open and close a garage door 10,000 times. If you use your garage door four times a day, this equates to a seven year lifespan for the average spring.
Most garage door spring replacement costs are $150 to $350, or an average of $250.

There is no hard and fast rule for how long torsion springs will last. Let’s say a garage averages four cycles per day. At that rate, the springs will probably last for seven to nine years. But if you have a very heavy garage door, the springs could wear out after only four years.

Contact Easy Garage Door Repair Today

The convenience of a reliably functioning garage door is often taken for granted. But, when issues arise, you’ll need a local partner you can count on for timely and cost-effective assistance. Easy Garage Door Repair has provided homeowners in Houston with garage door services, including repairs, installation, maintenance, and replacement, for many years. We take great pride in being the foremost experts in our field in this part of the country. Get a quote at no cost by contacting us today.