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Replace Springs

Replace Springs – It would be ideal if your garage door always opened and closed smoothly, but in reality, this is not always the case. A broken garage door spring is a common issue that may require maintenance. Without the garage door springs, the rest of the mechanism that operates your garage door will not function.

Best Company for Garage Door Spring Replacement in Houston

While our garage door repair professionals are always delighted to help, they may recommend replacing your springs if they are more than seven years old or have been damaged. For homes where the garage door also functions as the main entrance, a high-cycle spring may be the best option.

When we repair your garage door springs, you can be assured that the new ones will last as long as the door itself, thanks to the superior quality of the parts we use.

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When your garage door stops working, it’s not only an annoyance but also a security risk. It is not a do-it-yourself job to replace the springs in a garage door. There is no way around the fact that a garage spring replacement is a potentially life-threatening task that should be left to the experts. 

Fixing garage door malfunctions are our specialty, and we have years of experience in the field. In a timely, orderly, and expert manner, our specialists will repair and service the springs and other components of your business or residential garage door. 
As soon as we’re done with the replacement, we’ll test the new springs to ensure they function correctly. We advise having professional maintenance done once a year to keep things in good shape. Inspection, lubrication, and advice on replacing damaged or worn parts are part of a well-maintained system’s maintenance plan. Early detection of spring wear and imbalance can prevent a broken door.


There could be several reasons why a garage door stops working. For this reason, we conduct a thorough analysis of the issue at hand, identify and remove any contributing factors, and offer guidance on technical matters.

Benefits of replacing springs

Nearly every day, you open and close your garage door. Precaution is always the priority. A broken garage door seriously threatens the safety of anyone in the home, including humans and animals. Your car may also be damaged. This is why it is essential to keep an eye on your garage

door’s springs and replace them as needed.


The mechanisms and other components of garage doors that are getting on in years are more likely to break down and require maintenance more often. To avoid a cascade of costly repairs, it’s wise to replace the springs on your garage door now.


You probably wouldn’t want to live without your garage door. Depends on the value of your home as a whole as to whether it is dependable, modern, and technologically advanced.

It’s not always necessary to replace a broken door. Replacement of a broken spring in a garage door can often solve the problem for good

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If you need assistance with your garage door or garage door springs, Easy Garage Door Repair is available and ready to help. Call Easy Garage Door Services today if you’re prepared to replace the worn-out springs in your garage door, need new ones installed, or want to schedule routine maintenance.

FAQ About Garage Door Repair Services

On average, a garage door spring repair price ranges from $150 to $350 per door, inclusive of the hardware and labor per door. However, if your damage is less severe and you will only need to lubricate the springs, the cost will lower, usually costing up to $100.

What’s the average lifespan of a garage door spring? Most garage door springs are designed to open and close a garage door 10,000 times. If you use your garage door four times a day, this equates to a seven year lifespan for the average spring.

The spring breaking will most likely produce a sudden, loud noise. This noise resembles a gunshot. That sound will come from your garage and is guaranteed to frighten you. Lifting springs breaking are a natural repair that needs to be done on any garage door.

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The convenience of a reliably functioning garage door is often taken for granted. But, when issues arise, you’ll need a local partner you can count on for timely and cost-effective assistance. Easy Garage Door Repair has provided homeowners in Houston with garage door services, including repairs, installation, maintenance, and replacement, for many years. We take great pride in being the foremost experts in our field in this part of the country. Get a quote at no cost by contacting us today.