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McGovern Centennial Gardens in Houston, Texas

McGovern Centennial Gardens is a collection of gardens in Hermann Park. They were constructed as a part of a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Hermann Park. The park is also adjacent to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Miller Outdoor Theatre. It was designed by a team of architects and landscape design firms. Learn more in Houston, Texas.


The gardens are a great place to see many different kinds of flowers, plants, and trees. They are also a good destination for children. There are a number of things to do at the gardens, including taking a guided tour. This is a wonderful place to bring the family together. In addition, there are several activities for adults as well. You can go to the Rose Garden to watch the roses bloom.

Guests can also see the Arid Garden and the Celebration Garden. These areas are perfect for al fresco events. Also, there is a Family Garden where you can see different types of plants, flowers, and vegetables. On Fridays, there is a Story Hour that is for children. After the program, there is a craft for children to do.

The gardens are free to visit, but if you are planning a large group, you will need to reserve a space. Groups are required to have an adult in charge, and they are not allowed to participate in sports. During the summer months, the park stays open later. However, the park closes earlier during the winter months.

If you are looking for a nice place to take your wedding photos, the McGovern Centennial Gardens is the place to be. Not only will the garden offer a spectacular backdrop for your wedding, but you will also have access to a wide variety of plants and flowers. One of the highlights of the McGovern Centennial Gardens is the pagoda, which is made in Taiwan.

If you want a better vantage point of the gardens, you can take the Garden Mount, which is an ADA-accessible walking path to the summit of the garden. Located at the top of the garden, the Mount is a wonderful spot to look out over the city. While you are there, you will also be able to enjoy the waterfall that conveys water to a reflection pool.

The Japanese Garden was designed by Ken Nakajima, a world-renowned Japanese landscape architect. It was built to honor the thriving Japanese community in the city of Houston. Although it is not available for rentals, it is a lovely spot to take a stroll and learn about the culture.

As you explore the gardens, you can learn about the history of the land. There are also statues of Confucius, who was a famous Chinese philosopher. Additionally, you will see statues of the Chinese motto trees. The pavilion at the center of the garden is bright and modern.

McGovern Centennial Gardens is also a great place for the whole family to enjoy. Children will love the fanciful water features and the statues of Confucius, and adults will enjoy the peaceful nature. Learn more about Houston museum of natural science.